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Let's Complete the Final Renovations of Our Community Educational Hub- The Hearth image

Let's Complete the Final Renovations of Our Community Educational Hub- The Hearth

Join Me and Help Make a Difference, Please Give Today.


$975 towards $1,500

I have the amazing opportunity of working alongside The Learning Council (TLC) as an Administrative Team Member, which means I get to see first hand how much TLC is sharing with the community, through providing nourishing locally sourced meals to creating an educational hub. Please consider helping tlC complete renovations to be able to offer a clean, safe, and inclusive community space for the community.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for The Learning Council.

The Learning Council (TLC) has taken a gigantic leap this past year, by acquiring The Hearth building at 138 Grand Avenue, with your support. It has been an exciting time and is exceeding our expectations. The renovation of The Hearth will allow TLC to provide essential services to our community such as:

-Preparing nourishing local food for the community to be served on-site via Ice Cream Corner and locally at the Arbol Farmers Market

-Offering classes on the Gift Model & By Donation

-Providing a safe space for teens

-Advocacy in our community

-Uplifting diversity & inclusion through our Diversity Library

-Educational workshop space rental

-Mentorship opportunities

-Creating a "teaching" kitchen for classes on cooking local/cultural/ethnic foods, herbal and wildcrafted preparations, etc.

We hope you have had the chance to come see what has been completed so far and enjoy some of the inspirations of our community, whether through a class, workshop, or a refreshing treat.

The Hearth renovation project is big and we have broken it down into stages of progress. First, we focused on completing an educational space, the Robin's Egg Community Hall, where teachers and facilitators can share their knowledge, information, and skills with the community.

Next, we cleaned, beautified, and completed the Ice Cream Corner- where our teen-led ice cream team serves delicious local Third Bowl ice cream and herbal creations, including dairy-free and gluten-free options. We invite you to stop by during our open hours Thursday 2-9pm, Friday & Saturday 2-10pm, and Sunday 2-8pm from now through Labor Day weekend.

The next phase of this big project is to complete our National Sanitation Foundation(NSF) certified commercial kitchen, which is already underway! Commercial kitchen facilities require that the materials, design, fabrication, and construction meet the NSF standards. We have completed 50% of the kitchen renovations by laying tile, installing sinks and plumbing. Wood floors are underway and countertops are being built. We need to purchase and install remaining essential fixtures such as stoves, more countertops, as well as make lighting and electrical upgrades.

We are also in need of renovating the two ground level restrooms, transforming them into clean, inviting, and accessible spaces for public use.

We hope you will consider donating to our next phase of The Hearth's renovations. We are grateful for all the ways our community has showed up and supported this project coming to life!